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Rhinestones How-To Library
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Choose Your Quantity

Estimating the amount of rhinestones you need for your project before you place your order can keep you on track and on budget. Some of our customers are so practiced at this, they can look at their project and know instinctively how many stones they need. Others utilize the help of mathematics and space planning tools to get an approximate figure. Though it's not an exact science, it can get you pretty close to where you need to be.

Additional Resources

Once you have planned your stone quantity, remember to stick to the plan! Divide your stones before you begin— reserving, for example, half the package for the front of your garment and half for the back—and apply according to your original design spacing. If in doubt, apply sparingly at first—better to add more in the second round than to run out of rhinestones before you're finished.

To note when planning your order:
Rhinestones are sold in bulk–the manufacturer's original packaging–or we can break these packages down in smaller quantities if you need less. Bulk packaging will offer the best value per gross.