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Rhinestones How-To Library
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How to Select and Use Rhinestones

How do you select and use rhinestones? How many rhinestones do you need for your project? Our rhinestone how-to library includes answers to these questions, as well as design ideas, patterns for rhinestones, estimating guides to help you determine how many rhinestones you need. Borrow from our experience to become a rhinestone master!

Professor of Crystal

Professor of Crystal Welcome Video
An introduction to Swarovski and Nick Regine, who hosts the instructional series, The Professor of Crystal.

Episode 1: Crystal Applicator Tool & Trims
In this episode, the Professor of Crystal introduces the Crystal Applicator Tool and demonstrates its use with Jeans Buttons, Rose Pins, Rivets, Decorative Buttons, and Snaps.

Episode 2: How to Glue Swarovski Elements
Kellie DeFries, a.k.a. The Crystal Ninja, shares her favorite tips and tricks for attaching crystal rhinestones to various surfaces.

Episode 4: Episode 4: Embellishing with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Hotfix Stones and Transfers
The Professor takes us to Austria to meet Ralph Schweger, who provides expert advice in the application of hotfix trims.

Episode 5: Soldering with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Nick Regine introduces us to the tools, supplies and techniques to demonstrate the basics of soldering with Swarovski Elements.

Episode 6: Basic Jewelry Stringing with Swarovski Crystal and Beadalon
Wyatt White of Beadlon joins Nick to teach the Crystal Professor about basic finishing techniques while working with beads.

Episode 8: Felting
Pat Riesenburger shows how she incorporates crystals into her fiber art works.

Episode 10: Crystallized Nails
Gina Silvestro, Swarovski Nail Ambassador, shows The Professor how she turns nails into sparkling accessories by using small Swarovski crystals.

Episode 11: UV To The Rescue
Nick Regine demonstrates how he uses UV adhesive when working with large flat backs in challenging situations.

Episode 12: Trends for Fall/Winter 2014/15
Heidi McCormick discusses this season's trends and how they are interpreted using Swarovski crystal.

Swarovski Application Guide

From the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Application Manual. You can download the entire manual or just the chapters you're interested in. Used by permission.

PDF File General Information
PDF File Soldering, Plating, and Stone Setting
PDF File Gluing
PDF File Sealing
PDF File Hotfix Application
PDF File Sewing, Embroidery, and Hand Application
PDF File Mechanical Application
PDF File Care Instructions
PDF File Legal Notices

PDF File Complete Manual (16MB; 157 pages)

Customer Tips for working with Crystals

Our customers also like to share their tips and favorite ways of working with rhinestones and trims.

PDF File Applying Individual Sequins with a Seed Bead - from Vicky, who embellishes Lycra swimsuits for synchronized swimming competitors.

PDF File Gluing Rhinestones with a Syringe - from Kristen, who embellishes accessories with loose rhinestones (crystals).

PDF File Using Hotfix Rhinestones - from Rene, who creates skating costume designs using hotfix rhinestones (crystals)

Rhinestone How-To
This section contains general information and how-to's from Rhinestones Unlimited.

How to Attach Flat Back Rhinestones (Crystals)

Recommended Adhesives & Glues for Rhinestones (Crystals)

How to Use Hotfix Rhinestones (Crystals)

Sequin / Rhinestone Color Cross-Reference

PDF Design Sketch Templates (Female)

PDF File Printable Rhinestone/Sequin Size Chart

PDF File Estimating Guide - How many rhinestones do you need?

PDF File NEW! Group Project Planning Worksheet - Worksheet for Group Performance Costumes

PDF File Make Your Own Barrettes Instruction Sheet

PDF File Make Your Own Earrings Instruction Sheet

PDF File Make Your Own Combs Instruction Sheet

NEW! Swarovski Crystal Applicator Instructions

PDF  Swarovski Crystal Setter/Rose Pins

PDF  Swarovski Crystal Setter/Rivets

PDF  Swarovski Crystal Setter/Jeans Buttons

PDF  Swarovski Crystal Setter/Snaps & Buttons


Ask Mama Rhinestone

Mama RhinestoneStill have questions about rhinestones or other trims? You can always Ask Mama Rhinestone.

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