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Rhinestones How-To Library
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The University of Rhinestones

Welcome! You have found Rhinestones University at, the site map of your extensive "how to" library. Here, we answer your questions on how to use rhinestones! Use this index as a guide to find lots of information specific to your project. We’ll help in your design process, application, order planning and product care.

Pick Your Project

Choose the category that best matches your project to find the most relevant information, OR search by the Design process below.

  1. How to Use Rhinestones on Accessories
  2. How to Use Rhinestones on Apparel
  3. How to Rhinestone Costumes and Performance
  4. How to Use Rhinestones in Fine Arts and Objets
  5. How to use Rhinestones in Jewelry Design
  6. How to Use Rhinestones for Nails & Beauty

The Design Process

Choose the area of the design process that you are unsure of, OR search by your project category above.

  1. Design Figures (PDF) - These free printables can help you sketch out your costume or apparel idea. The croqui, or design figure, is a handy way to develop your design and communicate it to others. Print a bunch to create your own design notebook!
  2. Project Planning Worksheet (PDF) The Project Planning Worksheet helps you plan the number of stones needed for a group performance.
  3. Choose Your Quality
  4. Choose Your Attachment Method
  5. Choose Your Color
  6. Choose Your Size
  7. Choose Your Quantity

How to attach your chosen embellishments

  1. Flat Back Rhinestones - The Four Methods
  2. Hotfix Crystals
  3. Metal Settings
  4. Sew On Rhinestones
  5. Pointed Back and Fancy Stones
  6. Beads & Pendants
  7. Rivets, Rose Pins, Snaps & Buttons using the Crystal Applicator Tool
  8. Banding, Cup Chain, Embellishments & Zippers
  9. Appliques, Swarovski Crystal Rock & Swarovski Crystal Fabric
  10. Swarovski Application Manual with additional attachment methods
  11. Professor of Crystal video series

Caring for your rhinestones

Branding and selling your product

Rhinestones Unlimited: Learn. Shop. Sparkle.