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Rhinestones Unlimited Wholesale Rhinestones Catalog

Rhinestones Unlimited offers true wholesale pricing for rhinestones, including loose rhinestones, by the yard rhinestone banding and chain, sew on, hotfix, buttons & buckles, embellishments, appliques, zippers, performance or dance jewelry, and CPSIA compliant sparkle suitable for children. If you don't see what you're looking for, please call the number listed at the top of the page. As a Swarovski® Authorized Reseller, we can special order any item for you, and we also have additional sources to find exactly what you need!

Here, then, is an overview of our product line.

Types of Flat Back Rhinestones

Flat back rhinestones are loose rhinestones or crystals that are used on costumes, clothing, and other accessories. The back side includes a type of foil for increased brilliance. Although they are sometimes called glue on rhinestones, flat backs can be applied with glue or by using metal settings to secure them to fabric. Rhinestones Unlimited carries four different qualities of flat back rhinestones to meet every need and budget. The Swarovski® Xirius Rose (article 2088) offers the most brilliance and depth of color for competitive dance, dance sport, and other performance arts.
Swarovski Sew On Rhinestones

Swarovski® sew on rhinestones are loose crystal elements that can be sewn by hand or machine onto any type of textiles or accessories. Swarovski® sew on stones come in one-, two- or three-hole varieties and can be used for a range of decorative purposes or for fine embroidery. Lochrosens are crystals with just one hole. Shop for Swarovski® Sew On Rhinestones.
Wholesale Hotfix Swarovski, Preciosa, Metals, Tools

Hotfix rhinestones are crystals that have a heat-sensitive glue that has been preapplied to the back side. Hotfix rhinestones are sometimes called iron-on crystals. Rhinestones Unlimited carries hotfix rhinestones (or crystals) from Swarovski® and from Preciosa® Crystal components. In addition, we carry hot fix metals studs, appliques, tools, and can even assist you with custom hot fix transfers. Shop our Hotfix Products.
Swarovski Fancy Stones

Swarovski® Fancy Stones are offered in numerous shapes ranging from classical gemstone inspired cuts to progressive trend cuts. They come in a huge assortment of different sizes and colors. Showing either a faceted or flat reverse side, Swarovski® Fancy Stones can be glued into pre-cast cavities or used in metal settings. These large rhinestones are sometimes called brooch rhinestones. Shop for Swarovski® Fancy Stones and Settings.
Rhinestone Bandings and Chain

Rhinestone bandings and chains are available in a variety of sizes and colors, with metal or plastic settings. Sometimes called rhinestones by the yard, rhinestone banding and chain are used on clothing and costume, as bridal bouquet wrap, and even to decorate wedding cakes. Shop for rhinestone bandings and chain.
Pointed back chaton rhinestones

Pointed back loose chatons are pointed on the reverse side, making them easy to apply whether in metal claw settings or in pre-set cavities of die-cast metal alloys. Rhinestones Unlimited carries pointed back rhinestones from Swarovski®, as well as Preciosa® Crystal components. Shop for Pointed Back Rhinestones.
Swarovski Beads and Pendants

Crystal beads are very popular and easy to use. They are available in the lastest fashion colors, effects, and cuts. Used in a variety of applications (beading, sewing, wire work, etc.), they blend perfectly with other crystal elements. Pendants offer a whole range of different application possibilities and design options, such as jewelry manipulation and textile- or interior applications. Shop for Swarovski® Beads and Pendants.
Metal Trims

Metal Nailheads and Settings and cabochons (rhinestones without facets) are offered in a variety of styles. Pearl and Flat nailheads (or studs) are trims in and of themselves, or can be intermixed with rhinestones. Tiffany and Rim metal settings are used to attach flat back rhinestones, and a collection of larger metal settings are available for Swarovski Elements Fancy Stones. Hotfix metals are also available in a variety of shapes. Shop for Metal Nailheads and Settings.
Glues for Rhinestones

A variety of adhesives for rhinestones are available, in single part glues or two-part epoxies. We also offer small tools and aids that make application easier. These aids include our exclusive Pick Me Up and Pick 'N Stick wax pickup sticks, Crystal Katana, Crystal Tanto and Crystal KuBaton pickup stics, prefilled and empty glue syringes and tweezers. Shop for Adhesives, Glues and small tools.
Tools to use with rhinestones

Tools that assist in the application of rhinestones with metal setting; handheld hotfix applicators from BeJeweled, Crystal Crafter and Professional Touch; and adhesive methods. Shop for Rhinestone Tools.
Sample Cards

Sample Cards are available for rhinestones (crystals), beads, and sequins, allowing you to select the exact colors to achieve your design concepts. Shop for Color Sample Cards for rhinestones, beads, and sequins.
Storage Solutions

Storage and sorting tools help you organize your rhinestones or crystals, metals, and beads.In addition to storage cases, we offer counting scales, counting trays, and bags and evelopes. Shop for Storage and Sorting solutions.
Rhinestone Trims and Embellishments

Trims and Embellishments quickly add drama and flair to costumes. Rhinestone appliques in several colors range from fun to elegant. Swarovski® Crystal Rock, Fine Rock and Crystal Fabric provide quick and dramatic design possibilities. Sew-on embellishments feature crystal rhinestones in a metal setting design, with loops on the back side that are used to sew them to clothing or accessories. Finally, buttons and buckles provide finishing design elements. We even have Beadelle® buckles for small embellishments. Shop for Rhinestone Trims and Embellishments.
Swarovski Zippers

Swarovski® crystal rhinestone zippers add quick drama to a variety of clothing items, from sweatshirts to handbags to wedding gowns. Available in lengths from 4 inches to 24 inches, with black or white tape. Shop for Swarovski® Rhinestone Zippers.
Performance Jewelry

Our line of Crystal Rhinestone Dance Performance Jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, hair jewelry, bracelets, and more. We even offer supplies to make your own earrings and hair accessories so you can custom match your clothing or costume designs. Items in the Performance Jewelry line are classic pieces and stocked by Rhinestones Unlimited year after year. Our Crystal Market Jewelry line includes more trendy styles to enhance solo costumes, everyday apparel and western style jewelry. Shop our Jewelry products.
Metallic, Lazersheen, and Zodiac Sequins

Sequins can be used alone or with rhinestones to add cost-effective sparkle for any budget. They can be adhered with glue just like a rhinestone or sewn. Shop for Sequins.
Children's CPSIA Sparkle

CPSIA Compliant sparkle is available for clothing and accessories for children, including Swarovski® Advanced Crystal. We offer crystal rhinestones and a special line of CPSIA approved children's jewelry. Shop for CPSIA compliant crystals and jewelry.