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Rhinestones How-To Library
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How to Attach Flat Back Rhinestones: Glue On, Hotfix, Sew On & Metal Settings

Four Ways To Attach a Flat Back Rhinestone

Flat back rhinestones, named because they are flat on the back side of the crystal are typically attached using glues or adhesives. Others, called hotfix flat backs, have a pre-applied heat-sensitive glue. Sew-on flat back rhinestones have pre-drilled holes that can be used to sew stones manually or by machine. Each of these methods are described below.

  1. How to Attach Flat Back Rhinestones
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Non-hotfix / Glue On

  1. Professor of Crystal, Episode 2: How to Glue Swarovski Elements (video)
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  8. (PDF)
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  1. How to Use & Apply Hotfix Rhinestones (Crystals) and Metals
    • General Guidelines
    • Placing Rhinestones Accurately for Your Design
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Metal settings

  1. Tiffany, Rim and Fancy settings
  2. Swarovski Application Guide: Soldering: Plating & Stone Setting (PDF)
  3. Swarovski Application Guide: Mechanical Methods (PDF)

Sew on

  1. Swarovski Application Guide: Sewing, Embroidery & Hand Application (PDF)

Professor of Crystal video series

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